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Grad school. Post-doc. Looking for that first position- in industry, academia or government. Advancing in your career- running a lab, publishing, and tenure. These are the challenges scientists and researchers know well.


Women Decision Makers

Women’s financial needs are different than men’s. What they want from a relationship with a financial planner is too. They face challenges men don’t. At some point most women will manage their finances on their own.


Business Owners

Business owners are a unique breed. They’ve chosen to blaze their own trail in the world of work. They face challenges that others don’t- fending off competition, making payroll and managing growth are but a few.


Welcome to Todd Washburn Solutions, LLC !

Are you:

  • Eager to focus on your research- without having to worry about your finances?
  • Worried that grad school put you behind financially and you may not be able to achieve financial independence?
  • Hoping to continue to travel, just not always for conferences or work?
  • Clearer about the path of your research than you are your path to retirement?
  • Concerned about how your spouse/partner and kids will manage financially without you?
  • Worried about becoming a burden to your kids?
  • On your own and anxious as to how you’re going to manage your senior years?
  • Balancing your career, raising your children, worried about your parents- and wanting things to be easier for your kids when you’re in your twilight years?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, you are in the right place. At Todd Washburn Solutions (TWS) we specialize in helping people like you achieve clarity of purpose and develop a blueprint to success. We help you achieve financial independence so you can live life on your terms and help those you love- without worrying about money or becoming a burden to anyone.

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Seeking Financial Freedom?

Scientists and Researchers: You learned how in high school science class. Request your copy now to see what we mean.


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